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Accountants On Purpose

Feb 3, 2020

When it comes to running a business with a purpose that is higher than profit, Harvee Pene is a master of it. He is the Co-Founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants and after overcoming many challenges in his life, has ultimately decided to dedicate himself to giving back with over 7 million “giving impacts” to date.

Harvee is a qualified Chartered Accountant, business owner, author, TedX speaker, podcast host, father and cancer survivor with a vision for building a better world which he is actually doing something about.   


In this episode we cover:

  • Harvee’s mantra that he lives by following a life changing moment that completely blind sided him.
  • Finding his life purpose.
  • The story of Inspire Life Changing Accountants and becoming Australia’s most impactful accounting firm.
  • The inspiration behind Harvee’s business.
  • Saving clients over $10 million dollars in tax which allows for donating 10 million days of food, water, health and sanitation to families in need.
  • Harvee’s “Win for Win” model.
  • Cashed Up - the intention of Harvee and his business partners book to help young families who are struggling with their finances.
  • The importance of having a proactive accountant.



And much more! Check out the full episode.





  • Inspire before you expire.
  • It’s impossible to get cashed up if half of your earnings go to tax.
  • When businesses have a purpose that goes beyond profit they tend to be more financially successful.
  • There are two most important days in your life. The first is the day you are born and the second is the day you find out why.





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Sarah Bartholomeusz is the founder of You Legal, an Adelaide-based law firm that provides business leaders with the confidence and certainty they need to make bold decisions within their organisations.  You Legal provides top tier consultative legal services to corporate clients, including ASX listed companies. 

Sarah's clients also call her the Goddess of Governance because she works to protect and nurture her clients’ businesses so that they can focus on having the impact that they want in the world.