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Accountants On Purpose

Dec 2, 2019

Spencer Sheinin has a unique background with over 15 years as an entrepreneur combined with extensive financial experience as a CPA, CA and investment banker. He is the Founder and CEO of Shift Financial Insights, providing ridiculously simple accounting and financial insights for business on the rise.


Spencer has previously owned businesses in manufacturing, construction, cold storage and Real Estate. He has been recognised as winner of the Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 awards and finalist for the Surrey Business Excellence Awards. Spencer is an instructor for the Chartered Professional Accountants of B.C. and guest speaker at the University of British Columbia. He is a hyperactive member (since 2005) of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and is the current Finance Expert for Canada and Past President of EO Vancouver.


Spencer is passionate about endurance sport and has completed several marathons, several more ultra-marathons (as far as 162 km), Iron man, distance cycling events, and most recently he completed his first marathon distance swim. Not surprisingly, both endurance sports and building a business require a ton of blood, sweat and tears.


In this episode we cover:

  • How Spencer starts his day with a list of 40 things to check off.
  • The importance of moving the needle.
  • Living a life by design.
  • The “aha” moment that started Shift Financial Insights.
  • Creating financial empowerment
  • The significance of the number: 86,400.


And much more! Check out the full episode.





  • Don’t lose sight in the difficult times and it will actually feed your passion later.




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Sarah Bartholomeusz is the founder of You Legal, an Adelaide-based law firm that provides business leaders with the confidence and certainty they need to make bold decisions within their organisations.  You Legal provides top tier consultative legal services to corporate clients, including ASX listed companies. 

Sarah's clients also call her the Goddess of Governance because she works to protect and nurture her clients’ businesses so that they can focus on having the impact that they want in the world.