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Accountants On Purpose

Feb 17, 2020

That’s a wrap on Season 2 of Accountants on Purpose!

It has been an amazing 11 episodes showcasing some very talented entrepreneurs. Here are the top take aways that our guests shared with us from their journey so far…

We would also really like to thank our amazing sponsor, the University of Adelaide’s startup incubator - ThincLab!



In this episode we cover:

  • Be genuine and authentic - Miriam Holme


  • There’s no such thing as the perfect time for anything, jump in when you can - Chris Gray


  • Set yourself up for success every day - Spencer Sheinin


  • Stay curious, be grateful and let go of judgement - Paul Dunn
  • The impact of having a purpose driven business will outweigh the challenges - Andrew Van De Beek


  • Stay connected to your community and strive to help better peoples lives every day - Andrew Mattner


  • Being an optimist can help to sell the vision but a good accountant is very valuable - Stuart Snyder


  • You have to understand your barriers in order to choose your best growth strategy - Mark Lim


  • Blockchain will become the norm and accountants need to be ready for it - Chris Hooper


  • Your business can be a true reflection of yourself which includes your core values and your purpose - Harvee Pene



And many more! Check out the full episode.



• Season 3 is just around the corner - so stay tuned!




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Sarah Bartholomeusz is the founder of You Legal, an Adelaide-based law firm that provides business leaders with the confidence and certainty they need to make bold decisions within their organisations.  You Legal provides top tier consultative legal services to corporate clients, including ASX listed companies. 

Sarah's clients also call her the Goddess of Governance because she works to protect and nurture her clients’ businesses so that they can focus on having the impact that they want in the world.