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Accountants On Purpose

Mar 15, 2021

Annie Flannagan is a powerhouse, running multiple businesses. Annie is the Co-Founder of Num8erLust, the Founder of The Entr3preneur Experiment and the Founder and CEO of Better Business Basics.

Annie founded Num8erLust and Better Business Basics to change the way businesses understand their financials and she is passionate about continuing her education in the fields of value networks, knowledge management and financial control models in business.

Annie has the long term goal of working in the social entrepreneur space to be able to give back what she knows.



In this episode we cover:

  • The language Annie would love to know how to speak.
  • Her time growing up in London in a feast or famine environment.
  • The success of Better Business Basics.
  • The challenges of starting a business and not knowing what you are doing.
  • Num8erLust and The Entr3preneur Experiment - how these businesses came to be and  what they are all about.



 And much more! Check out the full episode.




  • It’s interesting to see how your childhood experiences can shape how you view and manage money.








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