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Accountants On Purpose

Jun 1, 2020

Trevor Basso has over 40 years of experience in accounting and tax. He is the owner of Basso Newman Chartered Accountants, a business that has been in operation for over 36 years.

Although his firm may be considered small compared to other chartered accounting firms, the Partners would prefer to remain on a one on one basis with their clients and hence the size is both planned and enjoyed.

Trevor has been on the board of multiple organisations, including The Football Federation, The Royal Society For The Blind and Enterprise Development Inc - an organisation that has worked with both the Government and private sector for almost 20 years, fostering and mentoring young entrepreneurs in South Australia.

In addition to this, Trevor was also on the Register of Administrators with the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations, which he is very enthusiastic and passionate about and continues to be working in the Indigenous space.

He’s a father of three with two grandchildren and those grandchildren and children keep him on his toes, outside of the office. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Trevor fondly recalls family gatherings with his Italian grandmother as a child.
  • Trevor’s love (and frustration) for golf and fishing.
  • What drives Trevor’s passion for accounting - the ability to help people.
  • The culture at Basso Newman and why it’s a great place to work.
  • The highs and lows of having a family owned business.

And much more! Check out the full episode.


  • As accountants, you tend to become more than a financial advisor, you become a real advisor.
  • The best attitude is a “client first” attitude
  • I want to be meaningful to my clients and support my staff.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.




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