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Accountants On Purpose

Aug 25, 2020

Paul and Paula Murray have a great story!

Paul studied accounting back in the 90's and joined a video game company in South Australia called Ratbag as an artist and producer; the company grew from 15 to around 120 people over the early few years. Later on, Paul left and joined a new practice that his dad was setting up in Adelaide after his dad finished riding his bike around Australia.


Paula was a travel agent and then went on to study accounting and commercial law and joined the practice prior to Paul, specialising initially in Self Managed Super.

Paula’s dad also joined the practice having retired from his practice in Port Lincoln.


Paul and Paula met and got married and bought the practice around 10 years ago and have been running the practice since. Their clients are scattered all over Australia from the South East of SA to Port Lincoln to Alice Springs right through to Nyngan and Kununurra.


They  were a traditional practice but started converting over to the Xero platform around 2015; AccountKit was started around that time as they saw opportunities in the way they did things and cloud accounting data.


Since then Paula has taken over 99% of the running of the practice while Paul is focused primarily on the software side of things.


Amongst it all, they also had 3 kids to add to the madness.


It’s an episode not to be missed!






In this episode we cover:

  • The last overseas destination they visited together
  • What they were like as teenagers.
  • The items that they cannot live without on a daily basis.
  • The secret of working together as a couple and why they don’t need to switch off from work.
  • Their lives before Account Kit and Murray Business Solutions.
  • How AccountKit came to be.


And much more! Check out the full episode.




  • If you can raise good humans, you will be raising them to do good in the world.






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